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Bloomberg Mulling Charging For Garbage Pickup


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NEW YORK (CBS) ― There was a move Thursday to spin garbage into gold.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he's thinking about plugging his budget gap by charging New York City residents a fee for trash removal.

City residents produce 11,000 tons of trash every day. Collecting it is covered by taxes.

But there is a proposal to separate garbage collection from general taxes, and charge people for what they throw away, based on how much that is.

Plenty of New Yorkers are turning up their nose at the idea.

"I'm very much against it," one resident said.

"I think we pay a lot of taxes already," another added.

Mayor Bloomberg said while a trash fee is far from "in the bag," he refused to rule it as the city struggles with a financial crisis.

"Everything will be on the table," Bloomberg said.

Oh, this will go over really well...
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People here in New Castle County, DE have to pay to have their garbage picked up. Many different companies provide the service. First place I have ever seen it done. I guess because there is no sales tax, certain functions are the responsibility of the homeowner/business. We also have a very small fire department which is supplemented by volunteer fire companies.


A lot of what is done by government can be done by private enterprises and probably cheaper too. Isn't Gov. Christie proposing the same thing?

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Deadbeats will be deadbeats, and when you charge people for trash pickup they find all sorts of creative and frequently disgusting ways of disposing of their trash like leaving great piles of trash at public bins, in parks, roadside areas, dumping it in rural areas, slipping it into neighbor's bins, etc.

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