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Giant Dead Jellyfish Stings 150 People on New Hampshire Beach


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FOX News:

A massive dead jellyfish — which broke into pieces after officials tried to remove it from the water — was responsible for 150 people being stung at a New Hampshire beach Wednesday, the Boston Globe reported.

Most of the people stung at Wallis Sands State Park located in the town of Rye, N.H., were children. Five of them were sent to Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

Rye Fire Lieutenant, Charles Gallant, said park officials tried to remove the jellyfish, described as being about 50 pounds and the size of a turkey platter or trash can lid, but it broke up into a number of pieces.

"For this particular species, which is a Lion's Mane, they have thousands and thousands of stinging tentacles," Jack Cover, general curator at the National Aquarium in Baltimore Md., told FoxNews.com. "Each tentacle is lined with a stinging cell, called a nematocyst, and that particular cell has a little trigger hair. When that trigger hair comes in contact with anything, it fires a tiny harpoon, which basically injects the venom of the jellyfish."

Cover said even though the animal was dead — its tentacles were still loaded with venom. :snip:

We know the tide is turning... absolutely no mention of global warming as the cause of this massive jellyfish. So did it sting 150 people before or after the park officials caused it to break in pieces?
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