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Will the Press Ask the White House About Goldman, BP and Polanski


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Washington Examiner:

Will the press ask the White House about Goldman, BP and Polanski?
Commentary Staff Writer
07/19/10 2:30 PM EDT

In my column this week, I discuss three seemingly unrelated miscarriages of justice that occurred last week, with one common thread. It looks like the White House may have played a role in covering up or dismissing every crime. Here’s one example:

Last week, Swiss authorities rejected a U.S. request to extradite Polish filmmaker Roman Polanski for raping a 13-year-old American girl years ago. Swiss officials said their decision stemmed from U.S. refusal to turn over certain sealed court records.

But the Los Angeles district attorney’s office says it never even got the request for the records. According to reports, the request was denied by the Justice Department. Just coincidence, right?

This past September, the New York Times reported Polanski’s legal defense team hired Reid Weingarten, “a close friend and associate of Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.,” who was to “push hard on the Washington end of the case.” A few months later, Holder’s Justice Department withholds key documents in the case and Polanski walks away a free man.

Please read the whole thing.

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