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Front Page Magazine:

America’s growing antipathy to the Obama administration and its liberal policies continues to befuddle the progressive rank and file. The inherent goodness of the new nanny-state that the president is creating is so readily apparent to liberals that they are sure that the ever swelling surge of anger directed toward big government must be about something more sinister; latent racism, corporate conspiracies and Fox News are the most popular villains. Progressives don’t appear able to comprehend that conservatives and a growing number of independents aren’t just upset about what is being done, it’s the how it’s being done part that has the nation in such an uproar. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s decision to go back to the well, or rather to turn his back on the wells, by trying to impose a new version of an offshore drilling ban is just the latest example of an administration that has decided it can ignore the will of the people and rule of law.

We first witnessed the unabashed arrogance of the Obama administration when it pushed through the health care bill, using any parliamentary trick it could think of to accomplish its mission despite overwhelming, deeply-felt opposition throughout the country. The president’s unwillingness to do take meaningful action to stem the tide of illegal immigration has been disappointing, but Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to take Arizona to court because that state has stepped up to do the job the federal government’s should have been doing is positively infuriating. Many Democratic governors understand this and have expressed concern that the administration’s pig-headed refusal to understand the mood of the electorate regarding this hot-button issue will ultimately result in disaster for their party come November.

Obama and his advisors have moved beyond the imperial presidency, To call it the tyrannical presidency would be a little excessive, but not by much. When Judge Martin Feldman overturned the administration’s six month ban on deep-water drilling, he made it clear that it was both unfair and illegal to punish an entire industry and those who depend on it for their livelihood because of a single accident. Undaunted, the administration appealed Feldman’s ruling, only to be shot down once again. Given the fact that most of the nation supports deepwater drilling, despite the disaster in the Gulf, the fact that other countries can and will tap the riches to be found under the sea floor and that two courts had ruled against a ban, one might think it’s time to throw in the towel and concentrate on ways to make deep-water drilling safer instead of trying to make it impossible. Yet, this administration is tenacious if nothing else. Once again, Barack Obama is doing his best to emulate Admiral David Farragut: damn public opinion, damn the law – full speed ahead!snip
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