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Israel Derangement Syndrome in Spain


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shoutValin! Thank you for your post.


Some thoughts:


It was not the Spanish government, but the Spanish gay community that had Israel Derangement Syndrome.


No one reads or retains history anymore, because, to paraphrase the article, ".....they start with the Jews, but eventually come for the homosexuals." [ Especially with the ongoing, creeping, final Moorish invasion of Europe.] Do young gay Spaniards not remember that the Moors were first defeated by Charles Martel in 732, at the gates of Vienna, but were only finally driven out of Spain in 1492?


Probably not, but it's sad that they are leaving this legacy of historical ignorance & bigotry for their children........oh.......never mind.


Better to rejoice in your sexuality & be bloodily beheaded, or have your neck stretched.....than to peacefully co-exist with those that would defend that right.

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