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Obama the Gipper?


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Obama the Gipper?

The Political Left is in a meltdown. There's no way to sugarcoat the calamity. It is falling apart. It sees the tide has turned and a possible tsunami is building, ready to crest and explode in November, washing all their dreams away. How could this be happening to them?

Could it be that trillion-dollar disaster otherwise know as the "stimulus," that emergency measure needed to save the economy by creating millions of jobs -- except it's accomplished absolutely nothing except putting our grandchildren yet another trillion dollars in debt? Or the auto company takeovers, something no one wanted and Congress never authorized as part of the TARP bailout fund? Or the appointment of one radical after another to nanny-state us all, including the just recess-appointed Dr. Donald Berwick to oversee ObamaCare, a Marxist who proudly calls for the redistribution of wealth and absolutely adores Britain's onerous National Health Service, rationing and all? Or any one of a thousand other radical ventures proposed/discussed/enacted by this radical leftist regime?

Thom Hartmann, one of the top munchkins along the Yellow Brick Road of Radioland, told his handful of listeners last week that it's ludicrous that any conservative would conclude Obama's a socialist. "As a guy ... me, who calls himself a democratic socialist, Obama's no socialist! He's a middle-of-the-road Democrat, what in the 1950s was called an Eisenhower progressive, or a Republican, for that matter."

This recalls the early Clinton years, when Bob Woodward quoted Bill Clinton yelling at his staff that they were all just like "Eisenhower Republicans" ... as they attempted to pass 1,300 pages of socialist HillaryCare.

Government spending and regulations are thoroughly out of control, but Hartmann the socialist still sees Republicans destroying democracy in the near term, never mind that the GOP is completely out of power: "I think that the Republican endgame for a small group of ideologues who have an outsized influence, the neocons within the Republican party, is to basically do away with small-d democracy in this republic, and in fact do away with it being even a republic, and turn it into basically an aristocracy."

Lord William Kristol. You have to admit it does have a ring.

The dismay was even more grandiose on MSNBC last week, when the executives handed over "The Dylan Ratigan Show" to a man named Cenk Uygur, host of "The Young Turks" radio program. Put your food and drink down. He contends that Obama was more conservative than ... ready? Ronald Reagan. Here's his formulation:snip
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