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"The Google" Moment for Obama


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Washington Examiner:

"The Google" moment for Obama
Examiner White House Correspondent
06/24/10 4:10 PM EDT

Rumors on the Internets! (ap photos)

Wait a minute -- wasn't this supposed to be the tech-savvy presidential administration? From today's joint avail with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (@KremlinRussia_E):

OBAMA: I appreciated very much the opportunity to hear President Medvedev's vision for modernization in Russia, especially high-tech innovation as a personal passion of the president. And during his visit to Silicon Valley this week, he visited the headquarter of Twitters, where he opened his own account. I have one, as well, so we may be able to finally throw away those red phones that have been sitting around for so long.

Sigh. Of course he meant "Twitter."

Somewhere, Robert Gibbs (@PressSec) is sobbing quietly into his hand.
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