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sexual violence as a factor in radicalisation and becoming a terrorist


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Small Wars Council:


Not an easy subject and a quick, simple Google search found many articles, often from familiar places where Small Wars feature in modern times.

The search was prompted by Jessica Stern who has written a reflective piece in The Washington Post weekend edition, which is behind a free registration "wall": Why does terrorism fascinate me? Because of the terror in my past.

What attracted my attention were a few passages and I use three:
Why does the threat of violent death alter some of us, even if subtly, forever? Why does it make us unusually numb or calm when we ought to feel terrified?...

I realized the possible importance of the frequency of rape of students at the radical madrassas I studied in Pakistan. I have felt, in my interviews of terrorists, that there was an element of sexual humiliation at work, but it was rarely more than an intuition on my part. Could sexual traumas contribute to contemporary terrorism?

Another good article on the problem: Raping Men as a Terrorist Recruiting Tool

I have not read about sexual violence as a factor, although I've heard references to the impact of torture by government agencies and non-state groups - notably from North Africa.

(Note: other good articles/links)
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