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Ridiculous Regulations Continue to Pile Up in the Birthplace of Freedom


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Daily Caller:

June 24, 2010
The top five most ridiculous regulations in Massachusetts
By Chris Moody - The Daily Caller | Published: 06/24/10 at 1:50 AM | Updated: 06/24/10 at 2:31 AM

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick talks to Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles D. Baker's supporter outside the WRKO-AM 680 studios where he participated in a radio debate, Wednesday, June 16, 2010, in Boston. (AP Photo/Bizuayehu Tesfaye)
If you’re planning to spend the next New Year’s Day in Concord, Massachusetts, don’t get caught nursing your annual hangover with a plastic bottle of cool spring water — you might be breaking the law.

The city of Concord passed a law in April banning all bottled water in plastic containers, effective January 1, 2011. Supporters of the law say ridding the town of bottled water is a first step toward a cleaner planet. Never mind that plastic water bottles only account less than one percent of landfill space. Who are we to let facts get in the way of a good regulation?

In commemoration of the successful campaign to rid Concord of bottled H20, we decided to take a look at a few of the other laws that have come out of the Bay State, a land full of people who clearly think they are incapable of making personal decisions on their own accord.

1. A January 2010 law mandates that all children in Massachusetts daycare centers must brush their teeth after lunch — or else.

It is against the law for daycare providers to not help children brush their teeth after meals. While parents can opt out (either on libertarian principle or family tradition if they’re from some parts of Alabama), they can rest easy knowing that state bureaucrats are looking out for their children’s pearly whites. Heck, the state even provides toothpaste, brushes and holders! What? No floss?! There oughta be a law…

2. It is illegal in Massachusetts to deface a milk carton.

From what we can gather, there was once a rogue band of underground milkmen roaming the New England countryside defacing poor innocent milk cartons with giant Sharpie pens. The horror! The mayhem! The curdling! Well, the state put an end to that, slapping a $10 fine on anyone who dared to vandalize a container of 2 percent.

3. It is illegal in Dudley, Massachusetts to own more than three cats without government permission.

Here’s to you, Dudley, for finding a way to push that nice lady with kitty litter in her hair and all those pussycats even further into desperate reclusion. Residents of the town decided to impose a $100-per-day fine for owning too many cats after someone living next to the town cat lady complained about the felines ruining his yard. The cat lady promptly put her home up for sale, packed her 15 cats, and never looked back. Success!snip
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shoutGeee! Great post!


Let's see:


Plastic water bottle ban-----This could be..."the blot heard round the world" There's plastic & then there's acrylic polymers. Are they out, too? I can see a big savings to not buying water by the pint, but if people have to start going to the tap..........maybe time to invest in water filtering stock.


The daycare teethbrushing law-----This could be "the tot heard round the world" really interesting. I predict that sales of rope & duct tape rise quickly.


Remember, "Silence is Golden, but Duct Tape is Silver"


Defacing milk cartons-----Really? This sounds like the dairy lobby lining "pol's" pockets. They already have you pouring perfectly good milk down the drain on the pull date, here in Colorado----untold waste.


The three cat maximum-------Now this makes common sense........owning more than 3 cats is like bigamy.....not just illegal, but really insane.

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