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Since When Did Truthers Become Part of the 'New Right'?


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Washington Examiner:

Since when did truthers become part of the ‘New Right’?
Commentary Staff Writer
06/16/10 5:08 PM EDT

Gird your loins, Chris Matthews’ documentary on “The Rise of the New Right” and Tea Parties premieres tonight. I know I’m getting a thrill up my leg just thinking about it. However, I was a bit puzzled by this description of the show from Media Bistro:

The doc features interviews with former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Orly Taitz, unofficial leader of the Birthers, to internet radio host Alex Jones. The program accessed to the Michigan Militia’s survival training camp and followed Rand Paul months before he surfaced on the national radar.

There’s lots of fringe characters on the right, but radio host Alex Jones — a prominent “truther” who believes just about every whackadoo conspiracy under the sun — isn’t one of them. Looks like Matthews is taking Richard Hofstadter to extremes. Apparently everyone who qualifies as paranoid is automatically on the right politically.
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