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What Obama Should Say Tonight


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Pretend it's a school bus. We are pretending he's a leader.



Paging Obama, on your three part battle plan:

Where's the #1: STOP THE LEAKING WELL part???


Ray Nagin?????

There's a school bus on his desk.



No way, really?


I've got my back to him, just turning to watch the fluttering hands.

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Raising efficiency standards in our buildings? Now they're going after my garden room?


He won't accept inaction. He won't allow that this challenge is too big and too difficult to meet. (Um, have you read your speeches?)


This is like the challenge of putting a man on the moon.


Even if we don't know exactly how we'll get there, we know we'll get there. (Magic thinking)


Calling for the blessing of the fleet. ACLU won't like that!

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Paging Zero:


on your fabulous three part battle plan - you are missing that crucial first step:



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It's not the last crisis we'll face. (No $hit, we got 2.5 more years of you trying to destroy our lives, our country and our sacred honor.)

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He has a gift, you know.


Can't wait to here what Sarah has to say. She knows oil. She knows oil companies. Why didn't we elect her? Even if she's an idiot overall, she knows what we need right now.

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If this were an apartment in the "urban community" that was still in a raging fire and Obama was the Fire Chief, here's what he would be saying:


Three Part Battle Plan


#1 To clean up the burned out apartments

#2 To help our neighbors in the apartments by getting money from the builders

#3 To make sure a catastrophe like this never happens again and sue from the builders.


Stopping the fire?


Why? If you stop the fire you can't get to # 1, 2, and 3.

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