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Census Workers Blow Whistle on Hiring Fraud Several Links


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Big Government, FOX Cavuto:

Undercover Census Fraud Investigation: Louisiana

Undercover Census Fraud Investigation: Louisiana

Undercover Census Fraud Investigation - Lousiana

Here is a woman who has been hired five times by the Census. "Maria" counts for multiple jobs. They train you, then lay you off. You cannot collect unemployment so you don't show up as unemployed.

Then they rehire you. New training, new job, counts as two hires. Even if it is the same person.

She has counted for FIVE jobs.

She worked for 2000 census and said it was run completely differently. (Wonder why?)

Census Worker Claims Jobs Numbers Inflate


Local census hiring areas just keep getting new applicants to hire even though there is no work to do.
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This is shameful......but it is a great illustration of just how desperate they are. Instead of "focusing on jobs like a laser", they are simply cooking the numbers.


While most of us were expecting some padding of the census employment numbers, the possibility that as many as 80% of the jobs they claimed to have "created" never crossed my mind.


I'm sure that this will be ignored by the MSM.

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You're right, they've been cooking the books like crazy on their job numbers, Argyle58.



The best part of this, is we have people working the census that are turning them in! Think of that. Their worst nightmare, is that their incompetence has spawned an army of citizen journalists, that have righteous indignation at having their own government hose them. This is a stench that has become evident; from the dead carcass of their hopey-change, self-serving policy & Chicago ward politics.


I read where the new job figures were supposed to show 480,000 newly created jobs, with 420,000 coming from the Census alone. Major fail.......especially when you consider that these are people that need jobs, that are turning them in......because they've had enough of Barack Obama & his Magic Beans from Chicago.


Correct me if I'm wrong........didn't they purposely move the census under the aegis of the Executive branch of government?


This rotting albatross looks most excellent, around the neck of Barack Hussein Obama.

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Guest AnneV

(Really?!?!? Did anyone think this wasn't going to happen???)sarcasm


Next thing you know...the 100s of people "working" to clear the oil leak in the Gulf will be counted amongst the new jobs "created"


And to think...Obummer is furious?!?!?! Riiight.gif I don't think he gives a flying rat's rear!


I swear, in the last few weeks, I have gone from being indifferent about Obummer to actually being willing/able to muster the energy it takes to hate him.

As I said to nickydog a while ago...I don't like who I am becoming because of this douche!

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Urban Dictionary


7. douché Votes 431 up, 39 down

The acknowledgement of an accusation, or a point made by someone you consider to be a douche bag.


Accented E: pronounced dew/shay

Example, from http://lonelyconservative.com/2010/01/obama-i-am-not-an-ideologue/


Obama: "The notion that this [health care bill] was a radical package is just not true. I am not an ideologue."


Tea Party Attendee: "Douché."

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