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Thing One and Thing Two


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We looked all around us
And what did we see?
We saw a big mess
And a helpful BP.
"Don't be sad," said BP.
"Don't be mad. Have no fear.
I will suck it all up
Once I build the right gear."

Then he left for two weeks
And came back with a box.
"Look at this!" said BP
As he pulled up his socks.
"In this box are two things,
I will show to you now.
They will clean up this mess,"
Said BP with a bow.

A big dome popped out
And a "top hat" as well
And the insides of golf balls
And garbage. The smell!
"I know it is odd,"
Said BP, "all this goo.
But I've got some good tricks.
I will show them to you."
Then he balanced a berm
On the tip of his nose
And rode on a robot
Deep down where it flows.

"Gosh," said our fish,
"Does he know what he's doing?
He is the reason
This bad goo is gooing!
I knew this would happen.
Won't Mother be mad."
And back came BP,
His dome clogged with shad.

"My net!" BP said.
"My net's a good bet.
I bet with my net
I can get that stuff yet."
Our fish said, "Get out!
We do not need more trouble."
"But I like to be here,"
Said BP. "Try a bubble?"

The lesson seems clear
From the stern to the prow.
It is fun to have fun
But you have to know how.

Write to Peter Jeffrey at peter.jeffrey@wsj.com
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