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Pelosi Wants to Cut Congressional Travel Perks for Everyone But Her


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Washington Examiner:

Pelosi wants to cut congressional travel perks for everyone but her
Commentary Staff Writer
05/14/10 1:48 PM EDT

The proposed reforms area step in the right direction -- for everyone but Nancy Pelosi:

House leaders are revamping the rules for lawmakers and aides who travel overseas on official government business, forbidding them to fly in business class on shorter trips, use taxpayer funds to buy gifts or pocket unspent cash, among other changes.

The new travel rules, proposed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, also strengthen accountability and oversight for taxpayer-funded trips. But the rules don't require lawmakers to disclose some of the biggest costs of such trips, including travel by military plane, which can double or triple the total costs.

Funny that Pelosi didn't require disclosure of the cost of military travel. Is that because Pelosi flys around on military aircraft at a cost to the taxpayer of over a million dollars a year? Or that she's been improperly using the Air Force to chauffeur her grandkids around?

While you're at it, be sure and read this Wall Street Journal article from last year on the outrageous cost of congressional travel.
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Both parties are shoving each other to get at the trough, but the Democrats surely have reached ever new and dizzying heights of Hypocrisy. Or make that deeper and deeper piles of it.

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