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13 ways of looking at disinformation


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

Apr. 6 2023

Last week Tablet published Jacob Siegel’s “A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century.” Subhead accompanied by the profile of a blackbird’s head: “Thirteen ways of looking at disinformation.” (The subhead and graphic allude to the Wallace Stevens poem). Siegel’s magnum opus runs to some 13,000 words. The introduction is followed by a table of contents with links to the chapters:


att Taibbi followed up with Siegel in the Racket News post/interview “Tablet’s Grand Opus on the Anti-Disinformation Complex.” Taibbi has also produced that post in podcast/video form (below, narrated by Jared Moore).

Taibbi’s introduction to the interview is particularly useful. Taibbi writes: “Siegel’s Tablet article is the enterprise effort at describing the whole anti-disinformation elephant I’ve been hoping for years someone in journalism would take on.”


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"Brennan writes this assessment through his surrogates in the intelligence agencies…Obama declassifies it, puts it out into the American public discourse, utterly deranging our political discourse for the next four years as we chase after these illusions." - Jacob Siegel

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