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The Left's woke colonizers are the reason the culture war exists


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The Washington Examiner/Restorng America

 Kaylee McGhee White, Restoring America Editor
April 03, 2023



Political bystanders might wonder why culture war debates have picked up with increasing speed and ferocity over the past few years. The answer danced its way across the CMT Music Awards stage last night.

During her performance at the awards ceremony on Sunday, country artist Kelsea Ballerini was joined by several drag queens onstage, which was lit up with pride colors and the transgender flag. The display followed a tribute Ballerini offered to the victims of the Nashville, Tennessee, school shooting by a transgender shooter.


This is why the culture war began in the first place. It is impossible to keep up a “live and let live” philosophy when a militant and very influential political group relentlessly demands the celebration of its values — values that grow more perverted and more at odds with the public with each passing year.

The Left demands tolerance and acceptance but is always the first to deny that same respect to those who think differently. They will harass and berate everyone into submission by making sure that no stone is unturned, no corner of society untouched by their malign influence. Corporate boardrooms, public school classrooms, television shows, and hell, even grocery store aisles have been transformed into nauseating advertisements for woke-ism.

What other response is there than to fight back aggressively?



We've  come A long Way....and not for the best.


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