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They're the Democratic Party's Top Operatives—and Lobbying for a Company Accused of Destroying Black Heritage Sites


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American Bridge 21st Century is the progressive movement's largest super PAC, and it has a staff of Democratic superstars to prove it.



Chief among them are Bradley Beychok, the group's cofounder, and James Carville, the "Ragin' Cajun" Clinton operative and talking head who serves as an adviser. The pair has won praise for advancing progressive causes. They also run ABI Associates, a consulting firm that's raking in cash from clients that are likely to raise eyebrows among their Democratic colleagues.

Clients like Greenfield Louisiana LLC, which stands accused of "environmental racism" for a proposed building project that would destroy historical slave sites in Louisiana. And the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, a trade group whose members include the companies behind the Keystone XL Pipeline, a perennial target for progressive attacks.

Beychok launched ABI Associates in 2021 with former Joe Biden aide Ankit Desai. Carville serves as an adviser to the group, as does President Biden's top pollster, John Anzalone. The group works to "reduce negative press" for clients, including those against whom the principals spend their days drumming up negative press.:snip:

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