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Let’s End The Era Of COVID Tyranny


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America and the rest of the world have suffered under big government’s smothering hand during the three-year COVID “emergency,” which has been used to silence critics and force obedience to nonsensical medical edicts. It’s time to reclaim our ancient liberties and live free again.

And here’s a good start: A Republican-led bill to declare an official end to the COVID emergency passed the Senate for a third time Wednesday, this time by a 68-23 majority. While President Joe Biden “strongly” opposes the measure, a White House source told Associated Press, he’ll sign it anyway.

Why? Rising public anger over the COVID lies, lockdowns, closed schools, mandatory masking and vax edicts has become a serious political issue for Democrats. In a Rasmussen poll taken last week, 59% agreed with the statement: “The experts in charge of the government’s COVID-19 policy ‘were wrong about almost everything?’ ”

After more than a million U.S. COVID deaths, Biden and other elected Democrats just want to walk away.:snip:

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