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Twitter Suspended Accounts Who Raised Concerns Over ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance.’ Now, Users Demand Answers.


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The Daily Wire

Zach Jewell
Mar 30, 2023

Twitter users who simply expressed concern about a planned “transgender day of vengeance” in the wake of Monday’s school shooting by a woman who identified as a man were stunned when the platform punished them.


Twitter suspended Daily Wire host Michael Knowles, who quoted a Bible verse next to a “trans day of vengeance” poster that pleads with people to leave “vengeance” for God. Daily Wire reporter Luke Rosiak, who tweeted a link to an article he wrote three weeks ago about the planned “trans day of vengeance,” was also suspended. Twitter then suspended Daily Wire News after it posted Rosiak’s article on the “trans day of vengeance.”

Federalist CEO Sean Davis, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) were also suspended from the platform earlier this week for what appear to be similar mentions of the “day of vengeance.” Taylor Greene’s account was active again on Wednesday, but as of Thursday afternoon, Davis’ account still appeared to be suspended. 

Knowles’ and Rosiak’s accounts were restored on Thursday, but it remains unclear why Twitter punished the conservative users for raising awareness about the “trans day of vengeance.”..................(Snip)

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"Arm trans women!" Hundreds marched Friday afternoon across Los Angeles issuing demands and blocking traffic for the "Trans Day of Vengeance." Filmed by N2S Contributor Jake Lee Green


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3 hours ago
Disgusting a person from their community killed 6 people and these scumbags are doing this?


3 hours ago
Someone stands in front of a car and doesn’t expect to get hurt is a fool. These freaks have pushed far enough.


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I’m spending the month in Budapest, Hungary, and I had a conversation with a Dutch sociologist, Eric Hendricks, who suggested that, since the French Revolution, the West has been trapped in a cycle of fervor, terror, and disillusionment—or what he calls the “modernity loop.” In his theory, Western societies, including the United States, have relentlessly pursued equality, only to be disappointed when those movements collapse into violence. Is the woke revolution, which peaked after the death of George Floyd, part of this pattern? And can Western societies escape the loop?

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