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Is Biden Unleashing the IRS on His Enemies?


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NY Post

Journalist Matt Taibbi testified March 9 before a congressional committee on the vast federally funded “censorship-industrial complex” the Twitter Files exposed.

That same day, an IRS agent swooped down on his New Jersey home.

Maybe the timing of that IRS visit was a coincidence, like someone who forgets to take off his ski mask before entering a bank.

The IRS agent ordered Taibbi to contact the agency regarding his tax returns from two prior years.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is outraged and sent a letter Tuesday demanding information from the Biden administration since “the IRS’s action could be interpreted as an attempt to intimidate a witness before Congress.”

Regardless of whether the untimely IRS visit to Taibbi’s home was moronic or malicious, the power to tax has long conferred the power to destroy political opponents.

As David Burnham noted in his 1990 masterpiece, “A Law Unto Itself: The IRS and the Abuse of Power,” “In almost every administration since the IRS’s inception the information and power of the tax agency have been mobilized for explicitly political purposes.”:snip:

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