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Chaos in France as police fire tear gas at protesters and baton-charge crowds in Paris where '800,000' marched against pension reforms - and Bordeaux town hall goes up in flames amid riots


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The Daily Mail

    Five thousands police officers were on the streets of Paris today for protests
    A record number marched through Paris with over 1 million protesting nationally

Elena Salvoni and Chris Jewers and Peter Allen In Paris

24 March 2023

There has been fresh chaos across France today with protestors clashing with police, as over a million people demonstrated against the controversial pension reforms pushed through parliament last week.

As nationwide demonstrations enter their ninth night, striking images showed huge a huge blaze erupting in the western city of Bordeaux.

Firemen had to put out flames which were engulfing the front door of the town hall there, as crowds of protestors watched on. 

In Paris, police fired teargas and baton-charged crowds on the Grands Boulevards thoroughfare, while some protestors were seen throwing rocks and even shooting fireworks at police.

Fires were lit and have been blazing into the night, with pallets and piles of uncollected rubbish set ablaze, leading firefighters and even local residents to intervene.



Crowds of protestors watch as a huge tower of flames climbs up the front door of Bordeaux's town hall


Striking images show huge blazes erupting as a night of riots kicked off in the western city of Bordeaux



Angry Parisians demonstrated amid clouds of smoke tonight as fires were lit across the city



A photo shows waste thrown in the street on rue Saint-Anne on the sidelines near the Place de la Bourse. Protests have seen some 10,000 tonnes of rubbish building up on the streets of Paris after binmen withdrew their labour


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Mar 24, 2023
Apocalyptic Scenes emerge from France as Protests break out across due to Emmanuel Macrons raising of the pension age. Police respond to protests with force brutalizing women and the elderly.


Corporate Media.


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France: A 'Field of Ruins'

Guy Millière
April 5, 2023

  • France, once again, is on the verge of chaos.

  • The subject of the discontent is the adoption of a law reforming the pension system in a minimal way: the legal retirement age in France has been set at 62 since 2010; the law raises it two years, to 64.

  • Neither members of the government nor economists on television dare to speak the truth: The French pension system is collapsing. The reform just adopted will not be enough to save it; just allow it to survive a bit longer.

  • The system has been bankrupt for years, but its bankruptcy is growing more costly.

  • The French pension system is not the only system collapsing. The country is facing a much larger crisis.

  • The French health insurance system, also based on mandatory contributions deducted from salaries, also is in terrible shape.

  • Food prices in 2022, meanwhile, increased 14.5%.

  • The center-left and center-right parties are dead. Neither the Rebellious France Party nor the National Rally Party would be able gather enough votes to constitute an alternative majority. The political situation is blocked.

  • France seems deadlocked, the possibilities of unblocking it nowhere in sight.

  • "A modest reform based on an implacable demographic observation has tipped France into an existential crisis in which everything is wavering... A much deeper malaise is rising to the surface. That of a country haunted by its decline". — Vincent Trémollet de Villers, Le Figaro, March 23, 2023.

  • "Have we hit rock bottom?" asked journalist Franz-Olivier Giesbert. "No, not yet."



Coming soon to a County Near You?

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