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Veep thoughts with Kamala Harris


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

Mar. 24 2023

Josh Christenson invokes the precedent of the fictional Vice President Selina Meyers for Vice President Kamala Harris’s latest “word salad,” as the New York Post headline has it. Vice President Meyers: “Well, we are the United States of America because we are united…and we are states.” Vice President Harris: “So during Women’s History Month, we celebrate and we honor the women who made history throughout history, who saw what could be unburdened by what had been.”

Perhaps Meyers and Harris called on the same writer. Perhaps Harris’s speechwriter was inspired by Veep and subtly seeks to embarrass her. Perhaps Harris asked her speechwriter to try a little antanaclasis. More likely, Harris’s speechwriter thinks this is eloquent and Harris agrees.

Harris demanded the support of citizens for the Democratic platform — in the name of women, of course:


The White House has posted the transcript of the immortal Remarks by President Biden, Vice President Harris, First Lady Jill Biden, and Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff at a Reception to Celebrate Women’s History Month. Video of the highlight of Harris’s contribution is below.


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