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Union Terror


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Abbeville Institute

By Philip Leigh March 23, 2023 Blog

A review of Jeffrey Addicot, Union Terror: Debunking the False Justifications for Union Terror Against Southern Civilians in the American Civil War (Shotwell Publishing, 2023).

As an attorney and terrorism expert, Dr. Jeffrey Addicott’s new book, Union Terror, focuses on the legal standards of conduct by soldiers toward civilians applicable during the American Civil War. It cites incidents when Northern commanders and political leaders ignored those standards. Dr. Addicott is a twenty-year veteran of the United States Army. He spent much of his career as a senior legal advisor responsible for ensuring compliance within the laws of warfare. He was also a staff judge advocate within the Airborne Green Beret organization. Like Robert E. Lee his experience convinced him that ethical conduct and combat efficiency go hand-in-hand. “Lee,” writes Dr. Addicott, “did more to set the tone for ethical conduct on and off the battlefield than all the laws :snip:       Good Read

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