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Here's how we avoid another East Palestine train wreck before it's too late - By Sen. J.D. Vance , Sen. Marco Rubio , Sen. Josh Hawley


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Fox News

More than six weeks have passed since a Norfolk Southern train derailed in the small Ohio town of East Palestine. Toxic chemicals were released into the area, and the lives of more than 5,000 Americans were forever changed. 

The American people have been justifiably terrified by images of a massive black plume of smoke and toxic chemicals in creeks nearby. There are over 1,000 train derailments, and they are right to worry that their hometowns could be next.

The U.S. government must provide the American people with the security of knowing that what happened to East Palestine will not happen again. We have worked across the aisle with our Democratic colleagues to introduce the Railway Safety Act, a targeted piece of bipartisan legislation aimed at elevating the standards to which the railroad industry is held.


The American public supports our proposal. The overwhelming majority, 76%, of Americans believe the railroad industry should be subject to additional safety guidelines, and 53% of them accurately believe the derailment in East Palestine could have been prevented by more stringent safety protocols.:snip:

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