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County’s Lawsuit Suing Energy Companies For ‘Climate Change’ Teed Up For Supreme Court


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Daily Caller

The Supreme Court may be getting ready to take up a county’s lawsuit alleging oil companies are responsible for environmental damages caused by climate change, the latest development in a campaign by local left-wing officials to influence national climate policy.

The case, brought by Boulder County, Colorado against Suncor Energy and Exxon Mobil, seeks monetary relief for the companies’ decision to burn fossil fuels and allegedly “conceal” the associated dangers, which the county argues “caused, accelerated, an[d] exacerbated the impacts of climate change.” While the companies have appealed the case to the Supreme Court, it still has to decide on the question of jurisdiction, and whether or not the case should be heard in state or federal court.

Boulder isn’t the only local government suing oil companies: local-level climate lawsuits have been occurring for years, and there are similar pending cases in cities across the country, from California to Rhode Island.:snip:

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Boulder County, Colorado...Why am I not surprised? If I were Suncor Energy and Exxon Mobil, I'd tell Boulder County...ok...fine, We're Out Of Here.

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