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Minnesota's "woman of the year" is a man


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Because of course “she” is.


At the risk of being accused of “stochastic terrorism,” I am compelled to state the obvious: it is not the case that every woman in the State of Minnesota is less worthy than the natal male Leigh Finke.

USA Today begs to differ. Every woman in my state is less worthy of national recognition for excellence in womanhood than Finke.


“She” looks like a dude in a dress, and that is because “she” is a dude in a dress.

Yet we are to believe that a man cosplaying as a woman is the most praiseworthy woman in the state.

Leigh Finke has always fought to change the world for the better.

Growing up in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Finke was always interested in politics but never planned to be a political candidate herself. In November after her first bid for public office, Finke became the first transgender legislator appointed to the Minnesota House of Representatives after winning 81% of the vote in her district.

Finke has been an activist for transgender and LGBTQ+ rights, as well as Black Lives Matter, almost her whole life.

After transitioning in 2017 Finke said politics began hitting “a lot closer to home.” Witnessing national and coordinated attacks against the rights of transgender people and others in her community motivated her to be the representation Minnesota was lacking.

Finke must be one impressive “woman,” since “she” rose from being just a guy to the most impactful woman in my state is less than 6 years. It’s the same path that transgender athletes take so often: a mediocre man becomes an exceptional woman, not through hard work, diligence, accomplishment, or anything similar. They do it by pretending to be a woman, and the rest of society applauds them and plays along.:snip:

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39 minutes ago, Geee said:


Welcome To My World. Minnesota Ca. with Wind Chill. Part of the problem (IMO A LARGE part) is MNGOP. They don't spend any money campaigning inside the 694/494 beltway, and not much in the 7 county metro area. You know the place where 50%(?) of the voters live.

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