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Guess What: Reparations Already Unpopular in San Francisco


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Power Line

Steven Hayward

Mar. 2023

As suggested here yesterday, the idea for a multi-billion dollar “reparations” payment to blacks in San Francisco is swiftly proving unpopular with San Francisco’s oh-so-progressive citizens. And so the city’s board of supervisors is reacting according to script: San Franciscans who oppose the reparations plan are racist.

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

‘Overheated and irrational’: S.F. politicians take constituents to task over racist reparations response

San Francisco supervisors forcefully defended the city’s unfolding reparations effort on Tuesday, with several members of the board using the public hearing to denounce the nasty backlash that a committee’s draft proposal has provoked.

In doing so, local politicians called out racism among their own constituents. . .

“I, too, have been startled in this allegedly liberal progressive city by the response that I have heard on the streets, that I have received in email and in letters, that is antithetical to my beliefs of what I think San Franciscans believe,” said board President Aaron Peskin.


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