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Legacy Media Ignored Voting Irregularities in 2020 Election


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Real Clear Politics

The lawsuit filed against Fox News by Dominion Voting Services, set to go to trial on April 17, may turn out to be a seminal case in First Amendment jurisprudence, with effects that reach well beyond Fox. In a nutshell, Dominion charges that Fox defamed them by putting on air people who claimed that Dominion’s voting machines yielded incorrect results, to the benefit of Joe Biden. More than this, the plaintiffs have secured, through depositions, evidence that Fox News hosts and news executives themselves disbelieved the claims their on-air guests were making.

For all that, the irony surrounding this case abounds. If Americans have learned anything during the past six years, it is that they can’t look with confidence on the news presented (and not presented) by the nation’s so-called elite media. From “Russiagate” to the origin of COVID; from Hunter Biden’s laptop to the efficacy of masks; and from Critical Race Theory “only being taught in law schools” to the “security” of our southern border, everyone now knows (including those who know but aren’t unhappy about it) that the media have devolved, on issues with a political dimension, into propagandists for Democrats and the woke.

But there’s another issue, indirectly related to the Fox case, that the media have bungled … by ignoring it almost completely: the many anomalies that attended the 2020 election results. None of these anomalies turn on questions related to the Dominion machines, but instead, like those here, here, and here, raise compelling questions about the bizarre nature of the vote patterns by time of day, historical results, and multiple other metrics.

Virtually none of the legacy media examined or even reported on these baffling anomalies, instead suggesting that all challenges to the vote were “misinformation,” and that all such that went to trial were thrown out by the courts. (That the courts rejected almost all of these cases on procedural grounds without even considering the merits is rarely if ever acknowledged in media accounts.):snip:

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