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NY State lowers minimum scores for student proficiency in math and English after pandemic and admits the lower minimum standards are the 'new normal'


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Daily Mail
  • In New York State minimum scores for students to be 'proficient' are lowering
  • It is in response to a severe drop in academic performance due to the pandemic
  • Some argue the changes will undermine the test's credibility and sow division
  • New York State is set to lower the level required for students to be classified as 'proficient' in math and English tests.

    The change, which will affect students in grades three through eight, is a response to the reality that academic standards have slipped since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    Last year in New York students performed terribly compared with 2019. In Schenectady, not one eighth grader was considered to be proficient in math.:snip:

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