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Hezbollah suspected in cross-border attack inside Israel


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FDD's Long War Journal

Joe Truzman

March 15, 2023

On Wednesday, the Israeli military said a suspect who crossed into Israeli territory from Lebanon carried out a roadside bomb attack adjacent to the Magiddo Junction in northern Israel.

The military’s statement says the suspect was identified in Ya’ara and killed after he posed a threat to security forces. Israeli forces found weapons and an explosive belt in his possession. The IDF noted that due to the weapons found on the suspect, he may have planned another assault before returning to Lebanon.

It’s unclear how the suspect crossed into Israel from Lebanon undetected. Due to the type of bomb used and where the suspect originated from, the Israeli defense establishment is investigating if Hezbollah carried out the strike.

Hezbollah’s involvement in the attack is likely, but it may not be the only actor involved.

In recent years, there have been signs that Palestinian militant organizations, with the backing of Hezbollah and Iran, have been working toward attacking Israel from Lebanese territory. Suspected Palestinian militants fired rockets from south Lebanon into Israeli territory on several occasions. For example, on Aug. 24, 2021, three rockets were fired into northern Israel, and the IDF suspected that Palestinian militant groups were involved. A similar incident occurred a month prior during the Gaza-Israel conflict. Three rockets fired from Lebanon landed off the coast of northern Israel.

Militant organizations aligned with Iran may be sensing weakness in the Israeli government due to the country’s current political instability. The West Bank is amid an armed uprising, and Israel is undergoing the worst terror strikes since March 2022.


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