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The Future: Vision and Invitation | EP 339


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Jordan B Peterson

Mar 13, 2023 
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson walks us through the mission statement and goals for the newly formed Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC). The ARC hopes to find answers to the major issues facing our world, and they are now extending a hand for you to join!

For ARC: Find Information and board the ARC Here: https://www.arcforum.com/ https://www.arcforum.com/about

Take the ARC survey, give your opinions, and answer the six fundamental questions ARC is trying to tackle: https://www.arcforum.com/survey/

Chapters -

(0:00) Coming Up

(1:16) Intro

(2:30) Manifesting ARC

(8:33) A preposterous idea

(11:43) First meetings, early concepts

(14:20) Putting forth an invitation

(15:00) Diversifying energy without forcing poverty

(19:00) The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC)

(21:06) Structure of the vision statement

(22:28) The good news

(28:00) The crisis of faith

(32:00) Dismal stories through which we see the world

(41:03) The catastrophizing must stop

(42:45) Everything in its proper place

(46:40) A collective, hopeful vision (

50:00) Validation for contribution

(53:44) No top-down elitism

(54:18) Six fundamental questions

(1:03:25) Concluding words

(1:05:40) Welcome aboard the ARC

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