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The Woke Mob Ruined Bon Appetit, And I’m Still Salty About It


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A January 2022 article titled “Over Fried Fish, I Said Goodbye to My Wife — And to a Version of Myself” confirmed that year would be my last one as a subscriber. It was a meandering, self-indulgent essay from a trans-identifying man who’d “discovered” he was really a woman after living in Uganda with his wife, while she chronicled the LGBT movement there for her doctoral research.

The article had nothing to do with food, except for the description of the couple’s final meal together — a Ugandan fried fish dish — during which he informed his wife he’d be leaving her to live his new life as a “woman,” a decision with which, I think, we were meant to sympathize. At any rate, the author thoughtfully tacked on a recipe for the dish, so readers could recreate the meal at which he broke his wife’s heart in their own home.


Bon Appetit started downhill a long time before 2022!


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39 minutes ago, SDwaters said:

the author thoughtfully tacked on a recipe for the dish, so readers could recreate the meal at which he broke his wife’s heart in their own home.

I'm sure that it was a farm raised and gluten free meal, so it lessened the hurt considerably. (and who knows maybe she was relieved to get rid of the jerk)

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I am fortunate to be part of a vibrant Google group (that has since spun off into an excellent Substack), where weekly conversations can run the gamut from intense national security discussions to analyzing Taylor Swift’s latest album. Several years ago, someone in the group asked for recommendations for a solid cooking magazine, and many folks (myself included) chimed in with a vote for Bon Appetit.

You can tell the BA writers really love to cook, and they want you to love it, too, was an apt description of the mag offered by one group member, to which I heartily agreed. How could I not? As an avid home cook and a loyal BA subscriber, who eagerly awaited the monthly arrival of each new issue to my mailbox, I relished reading it cover to cover, and gaining inspiration for new dishes to share with family and friends.

I can’t remember when that BA recommendation conversation took place, but it had to be pre-2020, a year notable (to my mind, and undoubtedly the minds of other avid home cooks) not only for the pandemic, but as the “Year That Bon Appetit Imploded.” At the end of last year, as I finally pulled the trigger and canceled my annual auto-renewal for 2023, I thought ruefully of that conversation and of the magazine BA had once been. But I had to admit it: after dozens of issues of idly flipping through the “new Bon Appetit,” as they tried to rebrand what is now a woke rag, only ostensibly related to cooking, I couldn’t stomach giving money to a “cooking” magazine that is more devoted to promoting LGBT awareness than teaching readers about delicious food.



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Dec 2, 2021

We had the honour of sitting down with Dennis Prager, founder of PragerU for a discussion on meaning, the danger of leftism and wisdom in a postbiblical world. Interviewer: Dávid Surjányi.

00:00 - Intro

00:10 - Why did you visit Hungary in the communist era?

01:11 - What does the left have to do with evil?

03:00 - Is America still the freest country in the world?

04:03 - Can wisdom exist in a postbiblical world?

06:08 - How can one fight the dominant leftist ideologies?

10:23 - Why Central and Eastern Europe are important in the culture wars?

12:14 - What happened to excellence in the West?

13:10 - What should you do?

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