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DNI’s Annual Threat Assessment Mentions ‘Climate’ 26 Times but ‘Terrorist’ and ‘Terrorism’ Only 14 Times


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CNS News

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, who was appointed by President Joe Biden, published an annual national threat assessment today that mentions “climate” 26 times, but “terrorist” and “terrorism” only 14 times.

The threat assessment cites “climate change” in the first paragraph of the “Forward” to the assessment. There it says: “Second, shared global challenges, including climate change, and human health and security, are converging as the planet emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and confronts economic issues spurred by both energy and food insecurity.”


Three paragraphs later, the Forward mentions “climate change” again. This time it says: “The accelerating effects of climate change are placing more of the world’s population, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, under threat from extreme weather, food insecurity, and humanitarian disasters, fueling immigration flows and increasing the risks of future pandemics as pathogens exploit the changing environment.”

In the paragraph after that, the Forward mentions “terrorist threats” in a sentence that first mentions “climate change.”

It says: “In every region of the world, challenges from climate change, demographic trends, human and health security, and economic disruptions caused by energy and food insecurity and technology proliferation will combine and interact in specific and unique ways to trigger events ranging from political instability, to terrorist threats, to mass migration, and potential humanitarian emergencies.”:snip:

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