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Seven-figure ad campaign exposes billions in Biden's Medicare cuts after accusations GOP wants to slash


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Fox News

Republicans are pushing back on President Biden’s proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage with a new ad campaign upwards of $2 million after the president claimed the GOP is looking to cut Medicare and Social Security funding.

According to a new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report, Biden moved $307 billion away from Medicare Advantage for green energy projects and to fund his expansion of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), among other projects, effectively offsetting the cuts.

The CBO report found that Biden spent $80 billion of the Medicare Advantage cut cash for IRS expansion, $76 billion "to reduce greenhouse gasses," and $36 billion on refundable tax credits for green energy, among other projects.:snip:

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Biden’s Tax and Rationing Plan for Medicare

President Biden on Tuesday rolled out a plan he says will shore up Medicare for decades, and we’re all supposed to believe the spin: looming insolvency averted. But this proposal is really a huge tax increase paired with prescription-drug rationing that does nothing to reform the health entitlement, and the tax ratchet is only beginning.


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