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The Powerful LGBT Group Behind California's Most Radical Laws Is Setting Its Sights on Washington


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If you’ve ever been shocked by a radically progressive California law, chances are you have one group to blame.



Founded 20 years ago as an LGBT advocacy group, Equality California has since grown to become a major player in California politics. Fueled by millions of dollars in donations from corporations like AT&T and Comcast to advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood, the progressive group has emerged as the savviest user of Sacramento’s legislative system. Together with its Democratic allies, Equality California helps set the legislative agenda and has pushed all manner of "woke" policies that help minors get sex changes in secret and let men into women’s prisons.

The group now wants to make its mark on the rest of the country. From its Washington, D.C., office, the group lobbies for federal legislation to legalize abortion, grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, and ban guns. Donors who give $50,000 or more to the group are given access to Equality California’s highest donor tier, "National Trailblazer." In a speech praising the group, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) called Equality California "the way of the future" and warned that "the days are numbered for the people who would stand in the way of liberty and justice for all across every community in our country.":snip:

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