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All 9 States With Lowest Unemployment Rates in 2022 Had Republican Governors; All 10 With Highest Had Democrats


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CNS news

- All nine states with the lowest annual average unemployment rates for 2022 had Republican governors during that year, while all ten states with the highest annual average unemployment rates had Democratic governors.

The Bureau Labor Statistics on Wednesday published the annual average unemployment rates for all fifty states.graphst1.thumb.jpg.8bd1dafe381fdcb2ccc31e53fabce1d4.jpggraphst2.jpg.299ab6cbeec6406e7a3dc2d899aeb8de.jpg

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Big cities run by Democrats for decades are now supposedly 'ungovernable'

Establishment media cannot admit that decades of Democratic governance have led to the decay of major American cities. Instead, they must pretend that big cities are simply ungovernable by nature.

That is the assertion made by David Graham in the Atlantic’s daily newsletter. It comes in response to Lori Lightfoot, the Democratic mayor of Chicago, being resoundingly rejected by voters during her reelection campaign. Crime, which has spiraled out of control in the Windy City with Lightfoot at the helm, is simply something mayors have no control over. Poor Lori Lightfoot, who “may” have been “held to a higher standard” because she is a woman. There is simply nothing she can do!

Lightfoot is not alone on the list of poor helpless mayors who are watching crime become worse. Graham also names New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. Los Angeles and Atlanta also get mentions. It is apparently out of the question to expect the mayors of these cities to treat crime as a serious issue.:snip:

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