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Ron DeSantis’s important point about ridding ourselves of the Deep State


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The Constitution did not establish the Deep State. Instead, it creates a very slimmed-down government: A legislature, an executive office, and a judiciary. Given the British bureaucracy's corruption in the 18th century, the Founders wanted to avoid that situation in America. Now, though, 230 years later, we’ve exceeded the 18th-century British bureaucracy in size and scope and added ideological corruption, which is probably even worse than the financial greed the British showed. However, there is a way out of this situation, and Ron DeSantis made the case for it on Sunday when he appeared on Life, Liberty & Levin.

Early 20th-century progressives were the moving force behind the development of our administrative state. They thought the teeming masses were incapable of the self-governance our Founders envisioned. Indeed, their passion for eugenics arose from their belief that too many Americans—the brown, black, “swarthy,” and Jewish ones, as well as the “feeble-minded”—were corrupting American purity. The antidote, aside from eugenics, was a professional government managed by college-educated Anglo-Saxons.

And so was born a very specific type of bureaucracy, one in which the workers believed that they were not the voters’ servants, but their very superior managers.:snip:

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