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This Bill Would Eliminate Biden’s $27B Green ‘Slush Fund’


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Daily Signal

House Republicans want to roll back a $27 billion “green bank,” the largest grant program in the massive spending bill dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act and passed in August by the Democrat-controlled Congress.

Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Ala., chairman of the Republican Policy Committee and a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee under the new GOP-controlled House, introduced legislation to get rid of the “slush fund” set up for use by President Joe Biden. The House panel plans to mark up the bill next week.  

“There is a lack of accountability. This was done in the dark of night,” Palmer told The Daily Signal. “It’s a slush fund meant to benefit one constituency, but not anyone else. There will be a lot of cronyism.”

Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency announced the early stages of grants for the green bank, formally called the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund


The fund was designed to set up two pots of money, $20 billion for the General Assistance and Low-Income and Disadvantaged Communities Program to be divided between two and 15 recipients, and $7 billion for the Zero-Emissions Technology Program to be divided among 60 recipients.

“The initial program design announced today will ensure the fund fulfills its mandate to deliver benefits to all in a transparent and inclusive fashion,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan said in a Feb. 14 statement:snip:

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