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Minnesota HS Student: ‘Principal’s Attempt to Unify Us’ Ended Up ‘Pitting Us Against Each Other Based on Characteristics We Can’t Control’


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Legal Insurrection

“After a year of teachers telling me I’m a racist, I have never noticed race more”
Mike LaChance

Friday, February 24, 2023

In a video from June of 2021 that is going viral, a 15 year-old student from Rosemount High School in Minnesota explains to the local school board how the embrace of Critical Race Theory in education has made things worse for students.

In his speech, he describes his first day of high school, when the principal praised multiple racial identities to the student body while neglecting half of the audience that looked like him, noting that in doing so, the principal was pitting students against each other for things they can’t control.

He talks about a teacher who praised socialism in the classroom and the culture of fear people live in at the school because they are unable to speak their minds.

Real Clear Politics provides a partial transcript:




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27 minutes ago, MISBAILEY said:

Maybe there is hope.......

The problem is those who SHOULD see this...won't. 

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5 hours ago, Valin said:

The problem is those who SHOULD see this...won't. 

True. But I find a little comfort knowing there are young people like that out there.

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