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Frontpage Magazine Follows Foreign Election Money to West Virginia


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Front Page Magazine

Hansjörg Wyss has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Harvard, owns a 2,700 acre vineyard in California, and was accused of sexual harassment by a former employee in Morristown, New Jersey. But the real legacy of the foreigner whose medical device company was accused of killing three people may be his corrosive influence on American politics.

Critics have connected Wyss to the river of money that flowed into political groups like, Arizonans United for Health Care, North Carolinians for a Fair Economy and Floridians for a Fair Shake, all over the country. An FEC complaint accused organizations funded by Wyss, a “foreign national”, of allowing him to make “unlawful contributions through a network of nonprofit organizations, thereby concealing their source” for “the purpose of influencing federal elections.”

Despite FEC complaints, federal authorities have failed to act even when the evidence indicated that Wyss, who has been named as a Swiss citizen, had made federal campaign contributions. The IRS, as we exposed in our investigative series, Internal Radical Service, has also allowed radical nonprofits, including those linked to Wyss cash to freely operate with no audits.

Wyss is listed as the 523rd richest man in the world, some have described him as Switzerland’s Soros, and wields a great deal of power and influence, but we’re holding him accountable.:snip:

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