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'This isn’t Oregon': Georgia AG promises Atlanta Antifa domestic terrorists will be held accountable


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"This isn't Oregon, we're not Washington, we're not New York or California. If you come here, if you commit violent acts against our citizens, against law enforcement officers, we're going to hold you accountable and I am proud that our office is taking the lead," Carr said.

On Monday, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr spoke with local AccessWDUN radio to denounce the Antifa riot on Saturday night in downtown Atlanta, saying he was "confident" their crimes counted as domestic terrorism.

"I am confident that the facts will show that these individuals have engaged in domestic terrorism. It provides for a serious punishment and for a longer term if convicted," Carr said.



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Jan 24, 2023
"[Democrats] not only neglected the violence from the far-left. They've actually intentionally denied it, and tried to gaslight the public." Newsmax's Rob Schmitt interviewed Andy Ngo on Jan. 23, 2023 about the left-wing efforts in politics and media to deceive us about the attack in Atlanta.

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