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Climate Science: What Does it Say? | Dr. Richard Lindzen | EP 320


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Jan 5, 2023
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Richard Lindzen dive into the facts of climate change, the models used to predict it, the dismal state of academia, and the politicized world of “professional” science.


- Chapters -

(0:00) Coming Up

(1:19) Intro (

4:40) Why you should listen to Dr. Lindzen

(13:00) How Ivy league hirings work

(16:00) Harvard or MIT?

(18:00) Emphasis on racism in the sciences (

19:22) Administrators outnumber faculty and students

(20:00) Wasting time on a broken grant system

(22:00) There is no money for questioning mainstream science

(24:00) 1800’s science papers shock students

(25:30) Scientific journals are not endorsements of the science they publish

(27:40) 1970’s, they notice an increase in Co2

(30:10) Classism and religious warping

(33:40) Impoverishing ourselves for no reason

(38:00) Objections to the narrative

(40:00) Coriolis effect

(45:48) Jordan plays devils advocate

(50:05) Politicians base their policy on scientific summaries written by politicians

(53:20) Bjørn Lomborg: even if they’re right, it’s not a big deal

(54:22) Tipping points, how they actually work

(57:00) Averaging anomalies

(1:03:00) Climate threat still five thousand years away

(1:08:00) Computer models, limitations and benefits

(1:12:13) Fluid dynamics (1:14:45) Models on top of models predicting nothing

(1:17:45) Where scientists actually agree

(1:21:10) Money corrupts, “Climate Scientist” did not exist in the 90’s

(1:25:10) Speaking for your values without asking you what they are

(1:28:00) Gatekeepers holding back the world of science

(1:32:20) Stoking terror, stifling science

(1:38:30) You’ll falsify your own psyche if you falsify your words

(1:43:00) Standing your ground, living toward truth

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