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'Brownies' Changes Its Name Because It Was Racist


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Should anyone ever be said to be a “Brownie”? Not according to a 100-plus-year-old group in Canada.

As reported by National Public Radio, Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) has had a revelation: It’s been guilty of racist branding.


Per GGC Chief Executive Jill Zelmanovits, a change had to be made:

“This wasn’t just about a name or its origin. This was about the fact that girls experienced racism and felt that they weren’t welcome in Girl Guides.”

The problem: The organization’s seven-to-eight-year-old division was known as “Brownies.”

You may be familiar with the term, as it’s also used by the Girl Scouts. Don’t be surprised if it soon gets sickled there, too:

The Girl Scouts of the USA also has a Brownies membership level, which is for girls in second and third grades, or about seven to nine years old. In a statement to NPR, a GSUSA spokesperson said the organization is “currently evaluating all aspects of our program to ensure alignment” with its pledge to become an antiracist organization but did not say specifically whether it is considering a similar name change.:snip:

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