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The United Methodist Church Split (2023)


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Jan 8, 2023

The United Methodist Church is splitting. What does the situation look like in 2023?

00:00 Introduction

00:25 History of the United Methodist Church Split

02:10 Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation

02:39 Leaving the UMC Under the Traditional Plan Paragraph 2553

03:48 Delay of General Conference 2020

04:40 Launch of the Global Methodist Church

05:00 Church Disaffiliations from the UMC

05:29 Case of First United Methodist Church of Jonesboro

06:42 Case of North Georgia Conference blocking disaffiliation

08:04 Case of no new elections for 2024 General Conference

09:44 White’s Chapel UMC and Methodist Collegiate Church

12:07 The Foundry Network

12:50 UMC Situation in Africa

13:31 UMC Situation in the United States

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