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The Badger Ordnance Works


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Dec 30, 2022

Moving the US to a war footing before and during the Second World War was probably the largest industrial shift in American history. In rural Wisconsin, the largest munition factory in the world sprung up as if out of nowhere, just one of many military facilities the size of cities built to help meet the needs of a global war.

Special thank you to Badger History Group Inc. https://www.badgerordnancehistory.org...

The Museum of Badger Army Ammunition would not exist without the stories of the Badger Ordnance Works/Badger Army Ammunition Plant (BOW/BAAP). Those of you watching this on YouTube would not be, because without the BOW/BAAP this story would not exist. We have been told that the Badger History Group, Museum of Badger Army Ammunition is the only museum dedicated to telling the story of one of these Ammo Plants. -Verlyn Mueller


Can you imagine doing that Today?  The Environmental Impact Study would take 15 years alone.

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