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A Garage Logic Christmas Tradition


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Dec 14, 2013

Part-1: 0:00 Part-2: 7:51 Part-3: 11:45 Part-4: 17:31 Part-5: 21:20 Update: 29:01

A GL Christmas favorite! Hopefully I'm not stepping on anyone's toes here by uploading the entire Christmas Light Rivalry, I am aware that they are available on the latest Garage Logic CD (this was NOT ripped from the CD). Some years back I recorded all the installments the Christmas Light Rivalry off the radio during one of those annual playback periods and put them all together on this cassette so I could play it whenever I wanted. Since I recorded the parts (or "installments") straight off AM radio on some cheap church voice grade cassettes, the audio quality varies between recordings. I do believe the prank was done back around 1997-98.

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