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The Battle for Marye’s Heights: 160th Anniversary of Fredericksburg


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Streamed live on Dec 13, 2022

The famous battle for Marye’s Heights at Fredericksburg. Going from Marye’s Heights to the Sunken Road with Dr. Chris Mackowski, Kris White, Dan Davis and Sarah Kay Bierle. #FredericksburgTour

This video is part of our series commemorating the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg. Check out the full series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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 Dec 14, 2022
Recriminations flew in the wake of the battle of Fredericksburg. Who was to blame? On the 160th anniversary of the battle, Emerging Civil War's Chris Mackowski visits the battlefield to look at the aftermath of the fighting--beginning with a famous act of compassion.

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