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Dr. Tour EXPOSES the False Science Behind Origin of Life Research


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Oct 4, 2022

00:00 Cold Open

00:25 Introduction

02:20 Dr. Tour's Presentation

55:53 Q&A

Departing from scientific consensus, Dr. Tour challenges the findings of origin of life studies and the surrounding media hype. This talk is presented by @RatioChristiOrg at @Rice University.

This lecture at Rice University generated enormous pushback from many on Instagram and from the university’s student newspaper. Rather than attacking the science, which they could not contest, they attacked Dr. Tour personally. He will post another video shortly that describes their unwarranted attack where the campus newspaper, @Rice Thresher is trying to have him canceled.

If you would like to support us in creating more content across our different media platforms, we would greatly appreciate any support you can give. Visit https://jesusandscience.org/#Support to learn more.

God Bless

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