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Conservatism Is Prohibited


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Power Line

John Hinderaker

September 22, 2022

I wrote earlier today about the Democrats’ unprecedented attempts to criminalize disagreement with their policies or criticism of their regime. These are more examples, from today’s news, of the suppression of conservative thought, not necessarily through criminal prosecution.

First, Scott Adams’ “Dilbert” comic strip has lost 77 newspapers, apparently because it ridiculed “woke” doctrine:


A second case comes from the U.K. and involves PayPal. The Telegraph reports:


In the digital world, life outside the mainstream is becoming harder. All it takes is to tweak a censorship algorithm then: presto! …

It all moved up a gear this week when PayPal closed the accounts of the Free Speech Union and the anti-lockdown Daily Sceptic with no explanation given. The latest victim is the UsForThem campaign, which sought to highlight the impact of school closures during lockdown. They use PayPal to fundraise, but the account has been suspended. Given PayPal’s dominance of the market, it’s quite a problem.

Tech giants are universally hostile to free speech, so shutting down the Free Speech Union–which gets a third of its membership fees through PayPal–is no surprise. The other two are anti-lockdown and anti-school closure organizations. This is a continuation of the tech monopolies’ censorship of any dissent from unprecedented government public health measures as “disinformation” that must be banned. As it turned out, those who spread “disinformation” had a track record at least as good as the international public health establishment.

But now, the lockdowns are over and the kids are back in school. So why are these organizations now being censored? Because they are retrospectively critical of the British government. The current censorship isn’t about public health, it is strictly about regime protection. There is a technical term for a society in which government works through ostensibly private entities to enforce its dictates. It starts with an F.


I think Lindell’s theories about Dominion are probably wrong. Dominion has sued him and others, I believe, for vast amounts of money. Those issues presumably will be thrashed out in court. But why does the FBI swing into action to suppress any suggestion that our loosest election ever might not have been on the up-and-up?

Voting machines aside, the United States has perhaps the worst election security of any developed country. Indeed, many underdeveloped countries would be ashamed to conduct elections so loosely, with such meagre protections against fraud. Why are our election practices so lax? It is because one of our parties, the Democrats, fights bitterly against all efforts, no matter how modest, to assure ballot integrity. We can only assume they do this because they think they benefit from voter fraud, and want to see more of it.

Wherever we turn, conservative principles–normal principles–are under vicious attack. We conservatives have nowhere to run. We can only stand and fight for our country.

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