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Project Veritas Announces Appeal as Democracy Partners Awarded $120K in Partial Damages in D.C. Civil Suit


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Project Veritas

Sep. 22 2022

  • Project Veritas announced their intention to file an appeal of the verdict which favored Democracy Partners in a civil lawsuit brought against Veritas over five years ago.

  • James O’Keefe: “The jury effectively ruled investigative journalists owe a fiduciary duty to the subjects they are investigating” and that “investigative journalists may not deceive the subjects they are investigating.”

  • The jury ruled in favor of Project Veritas on first claim of a violation of federal and DC wiretapping laws finding Project Veritas’ reporter was a participant in all conversations she recorded.

  • The jury ruled against Project Veritas on second claim of violation of federal and DC wiretapping laws finding Project Veritas owed a fiduciary duty to their subjects, and further ruled against Project Veritas on a fraudulent misrepresentation claim.

  • The trial was covered by Politico, The Washington Post, and other outlets considering its First Amendment implications. Judge Friedman, appointed to the bench in 1994, had reserved the authority to issue a directed verdict but ultimately did not.

  • Project Veritas was defending itself against claims of fraudulent misrepresentation and unlawful wiretapping in connection with its news-gathering methods and journalism in a case many argued was about stunting undercover journalism by stripping down the First Amendment.






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